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Using Technology for delivering "Live Lectures" across our channels

March 13, 2017







We started with our "live lecture" series in February. The idea was to handhold students who are taking our #mooc courses on www.millionlights.org and give them access to our faculty. 


What is our plan?


Our live lecture is available across all our connected mediums


1. Tv

2. Mobile / Handheld

3. Broadband

4. OTT via partners


Using a dedicated media streaming server and riding on a CDN network we can deliver these live sessions with an almost zero delay to all these mediums. 


Users on our TV Channel (www.millionlights.tv) are giving a days notice before we beam the lecture. They can access this lecture on their TV screens and interact with our faculty through SMS / Facebook or Twitter in real time.  Again efficient use of technology allows us to reach ALL the users of our TV Channel.


A similar experience is delivered to our OTT partners on their mobile apps. We use a combination of Youtube Live and our own streaming service to deliver the learning. Our tech team is scaling up to take on the task of streaming smoothly across 1 million devices. 


We are also working on creating a monthly schedule which maps our courses and gives enough time to our students to learn and ask questions. We aim to sync all our courseware to live lectures by the end of May 2017.


What do you think of this idea.If you have feedback or suggestions do write into us 


Nayi Shiksha - Nayi Soch


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Millionlights TV now on Jio LYF

March 11, 2019

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